Tillandsia Super Boy
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Tillandsia Super Boy
cv. of T. ionantha. Mature rosette to 6cms. diameter x 13cms. high.
In the horticultural trade for many years under this name--origin unknown. Coral red leaves entirely at blooming.

Chris Larson 02/14
Steve Molnar 12/19 ex. Peter Tristram
Bill Gaynor 01/20 as 'big boy'
Chris Larson 01/21 as 'big boy'
Peter Tristram 01/21 ex. RFI
Bill Gaynor ... "'Big Boy' ex RFI, ex Peter Tristram."
Geoff Lawn ... "Bill: This looks rather like the registered T. ionantha 'Super Boy'."
Peter Tristram ... "Hi Bill. Absolutely beautiful! If from me, Id recommend changing the label to 'Super Boy' as it looks like I underestimated the name! Its a RFI registered form."

Updated 08/01/21