Tillandsia Stupendo
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Tillandsia Stupendo
Houston x leonamiana (Ed. probably recurvifolia v. subsecundifolia). Dimmitt/Isley, USA.
Pam Buttler 09/18
Ray Clark 10/18 as 'Collossus'
Ray Clark ... "In April 2016 I bought this plant at a BSSA sales event just because I like it. Now with time on my hands I am doing some more house keeping and I cannot find this plant on the DVD, BinA or the BCR.
It came from Chris Larson labeled as leonamia x ‘Houston’, does anyone have any further info like hybridser or why it does not appear anywhere? Nice soft green scurfy leaves and reasonably hardy too."
Derek Butcher ... "Ray: But you didn't look at Rainforest Flora web site where there seems to be lots of unregistered hybrids. Remember that his market would not bother with the BCR, so why register. Why did I think Isley. In a word 'leonamiana' which was the Yank name for recurvifolia v. subsecundifolia."
Chris Larson ... "I have been growing this one for a number of years ex-RFI. I contacted Paul with a flowering photo & he said I had the parentage around the wrong way (though I checked the paperwork and I’d transcribed it correctly – so I looked at this and saw T. Collosus on his web site (as UD points out). At least I thought I did, as recently I saw this hybrid as T. Stupendo on the BCR – another thing I have noticed with Paul’s hybrids. So lately I have changed the name to T. Stupendo and recently there have been photos by both Pam B & me on BinA under the name T. Stupendo – same plant."

Updated 15/03/19