Tillandsia Splendid
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Tillandsia Splendid
cv. of cacticola population from near Aricapampa, Peru. Dimmitt
Pam Hyatt 03/18
Peter Tristram 03/18 Succulent form ex. Knize
Chris Larson ... "I have long had a plant which I assumed was this plant. I note that the BCR calls it T. Splendid (cv. of cacticola population from near Aricapampa, Peru) without a photo & the RFI Tillandsia cvs calls it T. cacticola Splendide with the photo below(Ed.copyrite) Ė that is if I have the story right & they are the same plant Ė more assumptions.
I have had the plant for over 25 years. Does anyone know the history of the plant being imported here and if there is a pic of it flowering? Obviously, as Mark Dimmitt used it in hybridising, it has flowered at least once in cultivation??? Anyone with pics?"
Pamela Koide Hyatt ... "I don't want to cause too many problems, but I currently have T. cacticola 'Splendid' in bloom. I have bloomed it only a few times in the past 25 years since I first acquired it from Mark. Mark was at my nursery several months ago before it bloomed and I pointed it out to him and he confirmed that it was T. cacticola 'Splendid'.
This morning I took these photos of the blooming one and sent them to Mark Dimmitt for confirmation. He has responded that yes my plant is T. cacticola 'Splendid', although my larger one has more leaves than he remembers. He also said that it is a slow grower.
Paul and I acquired plants from Mark when he was moving on from tillandsias. I have always tried to be very careful with labels and I always thought that my T. cacticola 'Splendid' looked different than the one on Paul's site, but Paul's was T. cacticola 'Splendide', so I figured it was a different plant.
Mark has two hybrids with T. cacticola 'Splendid', one with duratii v. saxitilis and the other is with aeranthos.
I have bloomed both and they appear to have my form of T. cacticola 'Splendid' in them and not the caulescent form that is on Paul's site."
Peter Tristram ... "Chris and I have had this ĎSplendidaí discussion before. The caulescent plant Chris refers to is not what I know as var. splendida, which I originally obtained from HEL at Selby in 1988 as a new variety of cacticola. This is the same as Pamís plant and Paul has this form too Ė I purchased one (He only had a few, all likely fried now) in 2012 and Bob Hudson also gave me one but I canít remember if it originated at Pamís or Paulís. Knize also was selling it in the noughties and Chris and I have some from him that survived the gas (most died). They are all very succulent, large plants with large sheaths, like in Pamís pics. They have very pointed, flattened, sharply carinate floral bracts (shiny bright pink too) and this was to be one of the defining features in the then pending varietal description. I vaguely remember Pamís name mentioned! Itís a stunning form of the cacticola/purpurea/straminea complex. I have only bloomed it once as has Chris I think and posted the pics ages ago. Attached is a close-up of the inflorescence of one from K.Knize."
Peter Tristram 03/18 ex. Dennis Cathcart as cacticola ?

Peter Tristram ... "Chris, regarding the caulescent Ďcacticolaí I have a very old form, from RFI in the early Ď80s and canít remember blooming it! Iíll look for it and take a pic today. It is similar, to a Ďcacticolaí I got from Dennis in 2010 Ė see attached pics. Dennisís plant is larger though. In 2003, MF, MR and I saw caulescent cacticola/purpurea in grassy slopes growing among other Tills (2600 m approx) but none survived. Mick probably has better digitals than my crappy scans. We saw lots of others in this complex too but most died after the gassing. Michael and Mick might still have a few, I donít. I guess, over the importing years, I must have lost hundreds of plants in this complex to the dreaded gas. Criminal!"

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