Tillandsia Silver Trinket
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Tillandsia Silver Trinket
ionantha x chiapensis, John Arden, 1984
Greg Aizlewood 04/20
Bruce Dunstan 11/20

John Olsen ... "My Silver Trinket is a “tighter” form but also flowering now. I have one potted and one mounted and fertilised in the pot but I can’t see any size difference."
Greg Aizlewood ... "I was growing them in the shade house on the western side of the house but when that area was part of a recent extension I had to move them in under a poly roof. They were happy for a while then started to go backwards so I put them in a more shaded area and they have come good and respond well to food which they were deprived off in the old area. They also tend to produce more offsets now and flower a little more regularly. The clone was the same as Bob's which I assume is where you got your original plant. The two photo on the right are the plant in the old spot . About 80mm-100mm high."
Bruce Dunstan ... "Finally some signs of a bud. A small seedling from Bob Hudson back in 6-17. I’m also growing a cross of chiapensis and ionantha Fuego hybridized by Alan Pythian. It will be years away sadly."

Updated 24/11/20