Tillandsia Queen's Tears
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Tillandsia Queen's Tears
caput-medusae x ehlersiana
From BCR: Medium-sized bulbous rosette with semi-scurfed lepidote leaves. Digitate inflorescence with purple flowers. May sometimes have been sold under reverse parentage Reg. Doc. 9/2012.
California USA, Koide Hyatt P 1988, Bird Rock Tropicals # TX271
Chris Larson 08/13, as caput-medusae x ehlersiana Nat.Hyb.
Peter Tristram 08/13 as ehlersiana x caput-medusae
Peter Tristram... "This is the plant I obtained many moons ago that Harry suggested could be ehlersiana x caput-medusae. I also have one suggested to be ehlersiana x streptophylla that has been discussed many times. I think both came from Pam with my original ehlersiana imports (before the publication of the species from memory). I donít think either could have been man-made as ehlersiana had only just been discovered."
(Ed. it is normal to list natural hybrid supposed parents alphabetically, as which is Mother/Father is unknown.)

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