Tillandsia Pink Champagne
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Tillandsia Pink Champagne
ionantha x Druid, Neville Ryan, Queensland.
Pam Butler 09/19
Bruce Dunstan 09/19
Tony Tucker 10/19
Pam Butler ... "The plant on the left of my pic is a seedling, (not a pup or a sport), that is very pink compared to the Pink Champagne that are beside it. My question is, is it worth a cultivar name?"
Derek Butcher ... "Do we know what other plants there are that are siblings of your plant? The person growing the seed should know. If you are growing the sole survivor then you can start taking offsets. When you have say 6 offsets and you consider them to be distinct from other ionantha cultivars then you can register a new name. In other words you don't move on a single plant."
Pam Butler ... "I have been growing this for a long time (nearly killed it years ago). I acquired it as a seedling and don't remember where it came from. I currently have 7 plants."
Derek Butcher ... "You are halfway there with 7 separate offsets and if you gave one to Bob you could truly say it is in cultivation. There is also a great chance that 'Pink Champagne' is mother. So if you want to register, go ahead because it is genetically different."
Pam Butler ... "Thanks, I will. Any suggestions? I am thinking 'Pink Delight'."

Ed: 10/20 Pam's seedling is now registered. See 'Pink Delight'

Updated 05/11/20