Tillandsia Peruvian Species nova.
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Tillandsia Peruvian Species nova.
species nova. see notes below.
Chris Larson 05/17
Peter Tristram 05/17
Chris Larson ... "Hereís one ex-Knize. 8 years to settle down and flower for me Ė it is so obviously Peruvian from the flowers. It has never formed roots. I know PT has some theories about the name Ė but I canít remember what he thought. Iíve always liked the purplish tinge to the foliage, which doesnít show so well here.
Peter Tristram ... "We got this species from KK in a couple of shipments. I posted it on Florapix, along with another with a spike that looks like a Peruvian makoyana (Bruce posted pics too), without luck, both considered species nova (new species). The species (as in Chrisís pic) is variable both in size and colour though all I have bloomed have purple bracts to some degree of shading and a few have a distinct purple hue to the leathery leaves. They are somewhat caulescent and can pup on short stolens. One of my clones is a monster and this might be the one in the pic. I guess it is a cliff/rocky ground grower. Pity imports from Peru ended and pity so many plants were killed by MeBr. God knows what we missed out on!
I remember now that T. incarnata was suggested. Giant form!!! A couple of old pics attached. I must photograph it again. I donít know what Ian does with all of the unknowns we post from time to time.

Updated 11/06/17