Tillandsia Paul T
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Tillandsia Paul T
funckiana x ionantha, Mark Dimmitt/Paul Isley, 1985.
From BCR ... "Mature caulescent rosette to 10cms. diameter x 15cms. high. Grey-green, to bronzed pink leaves in strong light, which turn coral red at blooming . Recorded in Dimmitt's Master Breeding Stock List as a Dimmitt hybrid (#1985-507-05) with T. funckiana recorded as the seed parent . Reg Doc 6/2012 by Paul Isley. Origin: Arizona USA"
(Ed: there seems to be a wide range of variations in plants by this name. See BCR.)
Ron Jell 08/16
Pam Butler 10/19 as funckiana x ionantha
Geoff Lawn ... "Pam: Maybe yours is T. 'Paul T.' ?""
Derek Butcher ... "Good idea. All members here should act on having a formula on the label and put pressure on the hybridist if known. A formula is often used by hybridists to identify parents but this should only be temporary until they start selecting the progeny. If a plant is worth growing it is worthy of a proper name which should be registered in the BCR."
Paul T ??? Steve Molnar 10/17 as ionantha x funckiana
Steve Molnar ... " have this T. ionantha x funckiana that has surprised me by throwing three new pups. The special part is that the mother plant is now flowering and all three pups are flowering also. Must be one happy plant.
It has more of a funckiana shape in growth habit but the leaves are more succulent like an ionantha. Interestingly the stamen is slightly purple."
Chris Larson ... "Possibility it is the reverse cross done by Dimmitt called T.Paul T which has been around under formula for many years."

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