Tillandsia Old Man's Gold
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Tillandsia Old Man's Gold
crocata X usneoides, B.Holm.
Formerly on this web site under formula. "Said to be vegetatively quite different to T. Tawny Yellow. Large yellow heavily scented flower."
Ed. Is this the same as the plants labelled with reverse cross ? See usneoides x crocata this web site.
Richard Cornale 08/13.
Chris Larson 08/13.
Peter Tristram 08/15. As crocata x usneoides
Adam Bodzioch 08/15. As crocata x usneoides
Chris Larson 11/18
Chris Larson ... "Beautiful plant which flowers very freely. Mr Holm did a good mix of the best attributes of each parent. Was flowering well here a few weeks ago & has now stopped.
Got to watch those elastic tags, they are great for attaching to plants in transit but break down quickly leaving you without ID.
This plant is well scented & is very different to T. Tawny Yellow."
Peter Tristram ... "I have obtained this little beauty a few times, firstly in 2006, so I guess well before then. My clumps have pretty-well finished booming but one flower was still out so I snapped some pics this morning."
From BCR ... "Mature segmented, upright, small rosettes each to 10cms diameter. Silvery grey, channelled, splayed leaves densely coated with fuzzy trichomes. Golden yellow flowers on short, erect stems. First imported into Australia under parentage from the breeder in 2006. Named in relation to the pollen parent being commonly known as "old man's beard". Reg. Doc. 8/2015 by A Bodzioch. Origin: Germany."

Updated 23/03/19