Tillandsia Mayra
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Tillandsia Mayra
From BCR ... Mature, open rosette to 30cm. diameter x 14cm. high. In strong light, bronzed russet red recurving leaves with scurfed reverse Erect spike to 30cm. tall with powdery white, tightly-branched inflorescence of a mixture of tubular violet flowers and frosted, pinkish green paddles from spiky-bracted axils. Named in honour of the breeder's wife.
capitata (orange) x streptophylla (Belize), by Nestor Del Rio, Florida ~2008.

Pam Butler 03/21 T. 'Mayra' ?
Johm Olsen 03/21, from a different angle.
Pam Butler ... "As T. capitata orange x streptophylla Pachara Orchids. First flowering of another plant from Pachara."
Geoff Lawn ... "The BCR lists 7 cultivars with that parentage. The closest to yours I can see is T. 'Mayra'. What do you or others think ?"
Johm Olsen ... "A couple of pictures from a different angle."

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