Tillandsia Love Knot
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Tillandsia Love Knot
capitata X streptophylla
BCR ... " flowering to 30cm high, shorter inflorescence than ‘Katie Styer’. Unknown hybridist, Florida."
Chris Larson 11/18
Pachara Orchid/BCR
Chris Larson ... "Here’s another flowering of this plant for me – probably the 3rd. The flowerings have been all about the same and I think that it is cute. Sometimes all the flowers have come out at the same time – but it has never looked that much better. I cannot work out why at shows there big interest in this hybrid – many times there are more attractive hybrids passed over in search of this one. Different tastes."
Glenn Jodner ... "I believe we are growing this one wrong Chris, may need to be grown hard... I haven’t had a proper flowering yet. But I’m sure D. Weston of the CBS flowered his last year with a proper scape."

Updated 03/12/18