Tillandsia Love Knot
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Tillandsia Love Knot
capitata X streptophylla
BCR ... " flowering to 30cm high, shorter inflorescence than ‘Katie Styer’. Unknown hybridist, Florida."
Chris Larson 11/18
Pachara Orchid/BCR
Chris Larson ... "Here’s another flowering of this plant for me – probably the 3rd. The flowerings have been all about the same and I think that it is cute. Sometimes all the flowers have come out at the same time – but it has never looked that much better. I cannot work out why at shows there big interest in this hybrid – many times there are more attractive hybrids passed over in search of this one. Different tastes."
Glenn Jodner ... "I believe we are growing this one wrong Chris, may need to be grown hard... I haven’t had a proper flowering yet. But I’m sure D. Weston of the CBS flowered his last year with a proper scape."
Chris Larson 09/20. T. Love Knot, Eric Knobloch, or a new hybrid ? See notes below.
Chris Larson ... "This one is not around in Australia at present, at least that I know of. But will be.
Anyone have any ideas of identity ? It is an import. My first thought, before it flowered, was T. Eric Knobloch due to the foliage shape - but the spike is too narrow."
Chris Larson ... "Do you think that it could be T. Love Knot? Grown in lower light."
Rob Bower ... "I looked at Love Knot and it doesn’t compute to my eyes. It looks like a weak version of Eric Knobloch – especially the foliage."
Dale Dixon ... "I agree with Rob. I looked at my Love Knot. It doesn’t look the same."
Chris Larson ... "Hi Rob & Dale, Thanks.
My plant has been belted by Methyl Bromide only a few months ago. Which is why it is a little scrappy.
An answer fresh off the press. I decided to go to where I should have asked in the first place. Singapore Kevin. Kevin knows my plant - he often gets identical plants. It is so much easier to ID plants in person than photos.
His comment, after being pressed on his original T. Love Knot diagnosis:
> I bought Love Knot from Tropiflora and other places. They look like what our friend is selling to you.
> This plant has more succulent leaves than my T. Love Knot. But my photo on BinA looks very similar. So it begs the questions:
> 1. Is the clone or clones here, & in Oz, only one form of the grex?
> 2. Has this hybrid been recreated like many US nurseries do?
> 3. And why does my plant look like Pachara's on the BCR - but not Tropiflora's - leading me back to point 2.
I think I am happy with T. Love Knot based on Pacharas BCR photo."
Peter Tristram ... "It’s not what I know as T. Love Knot but could easily be a sibling or from a similar grex. Could be a good looker too! I don’t know how many clones of T. Love Knot there are, or if the plants sold as T. Love Knot were from just one selected plant. I suspect a grex. Parentage is almost irrelevant when there are so many forms of each parent so, unless someone’s has pups of the original clones, exact matches cannot be made. - Keep your tags with details !!"
John Olsen ... "This looks a lot like what I have as T. capitata 'PINK ex GS'. The number of leaves, the form, and softness of the leaves conforms. Of course it flowers bigger here."
Chris Larson ... "I had thought of George's plant. However this plant has a base similar to T. Eric Knobloch. Can you remind me whether George's plant is a straight capitata look - or has the Eric Knoblock look?"
Chris Larson 03/20. T. Love Knot
Chris Larson 03/20. Love Knot ? (Asia)
Nick Rourke 03/20. Love Knot
Bob Hudson 04/21. Love Knot
Chris Larson ... "A query: The one with the red background is a plant I received from Pam Butler as T. Love Knot - which I understand came from Bob Hudson & before that Tropiflora.
The one with the box in the background is one I have posted here before as T. capitata red hybrid, but is circulating through Asia (according to Kevin from Singapore) also under the name T. Love Knot. This one has not been grown in high light.
Collectors Corner has sold, and is going to continue to sell the T. capitata red hybrid. Should I use the name T. Love Knot?"
Bob Hudson ... "For my two bits worth it is not like T. Love Knot so it should remain T. capitata "Red Hyb" (or rename it????)
What about "Shades of Red"???"
Nick Rourke ... "Hi Chris. I have the same plant from you coming into flower now. A little more colour.... grown under 50% beige shadecloth up high in the NW corner for maximum light.
It's a ripper thanks mate."
Dale Dixon 04/21
Dale Dixon ... "My plant started colouring up in early February and by the 10th February had a distinct Tillandsia capitata ‘Old Gold’ look to it with its paler centre. As the inflorescence progressed the leaves became an intense red that positively glows in the afternoon sunlight. I have it suspended on aluminium craft wire in the southwest corner of the #Tillhouse. It would also be a good candidate for pot culture."

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