Tillandsia Laurie
also in circulation as schiedeana x brachycaulos

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Tillandsia Laurie
Circulating as a claimed Natural hybrid of schiedeana x brachycaulos
(NOTE: If a Natural hybrid, then no-one knows who was mother/father! They should be listed alphabetically.)
See Detective Derek 05/06: article
and also Detective Derek 09/12: T. schiedeana discussion.
See also 'Starburst' for name given to similar plants in Florida.
Ken Woods 2009 as schiedeana x brachycaulos
"Hybrid sourced from Neville Ryan or others in Queensland, but originally imported. Unregistered, un-named."
Plant originated from Laurie Mountford, Ballina NSW.
Photo Derek Butcher (see DD0506 article).
Bruce Dunstan 04/20 as Nat.Hyb. schiedeana x brachycaulos
Bruce Dunstan ... "A plant from Barry Genn that he got from Neville Ryan."
Geoff Lawn ... "Hi Bruce. Nice specimen. Does anyone know its full history--where wild-collected, when and by who ? It's in the Natural Hybrids database and the BCR as T. 'Laurie'.
However, it's full murky history outlined there suggest it's only a "possible" natural hybrid, named in Australia. A similar cross in the U.S.A. is named T. 'Starburst'."
Barry Genn ... "We have two separate clones of this natural hybrid, both similar but one is about 25% larger grown under the same conditions."

Updated 17/07/20