Tillandsia Lady Luck
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Tillandsia Lady Luck
xerographica x concolor Red Prince. Paul Isley,Rainforest Flora Inc., California.
Now registered, 10/21.
From BCR ... "Mature, open rosette to 40cm. diameter x 20cm. high. Many, arching, wide, scurfed grey leaves, tapering to a point. Erect, red- branched spike of 8-10 narrow paddles up to 60cm. tall, scarlet in the lower portion and dark green towards the tips with mauve flowers."
See also reverse cross 'Lucky Lady'
John Olsen 05/19 as chiapensis x concolor
Derek Butcher ... "John: You are confusing an old fella. I know nothing about 'Lady Luck' but I see similarities to 'Majestic' and 'Majestic Rose'."
Brad Gillis ... "My understanding is that it originates from the RFI stable and is a hybrid. 'Lady Luck' (T. xerographica X T.concolor 'Red Prince').
I have been fortunate to have acquired one of these."
Derek Butcher ... "My problem is that I refer to The New Bromeliad Taxon list for species names and the BCR for hybrids and cultivars. All others are nursery men's names that mean nothing. If a plant is worthy of a name then it is worthy of recording. So I don't know about 'Lady Luck' or 'Red Prince."
Bob Hudson ... "I imported this plant going back a few years from Rainforest Flora. There are two similar plants 'Lady Luck' (T. xerographica x concolor)
and 'Lucky Lady' (T. concolor x xerographica) these names were tagged as that. I have sent Paul an email to verify that."
Brad Gillis ... "It appears some of those RFI hybrids have not been formally registered which would be ideal to have occurred. It would naturally save time trying to track down origins of these hybrid plants with names not familiar."

Updated 17/10/21