Tillandsia Holm's Deep Purple
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Tillandsia Holm's Deep Purple
cyanea x albertiana
From BCR ... "Mature upright rosette to 28 cm. high x 15 cm. diameter. Growth is short caulescent with deeply-channelled, greyish-green, quasi-involuted leaves which are very wide at the base. Tiny grey trichomes are distinctly arranged in longitudinal stripes. The distichous spike is shorter than the foliage and produces up to 8 magenta / purple flowers, each to 2.5cm. wide A reverse cross by the breeder produced identical progeny. Reg. Doc. 10/2015. Country of origin: Germany"
Chris Larson 07/17

Chris Larson ... "I have had a tag on it T. cyanea X aeranthos (Holm) but it is obviously T. Holms Deep Purple which is T. cyanea X albertiana. Not to be confused with T. Deep Purple which is a straminea hybrid. I really like the shape of the plant, and will make sure I grow it straight next time."
Chris Larson ... "Justin Lee.....It's interesting that youd mention mounting the plant. I potted it on the basis of the cyanea parentage, but above the surface of the pot and through the bottom there are very thick wiry hold fast roots hinting that it is more suited to mounting."

Updated 16/09/17