Tillandsia Holm's Capricorn
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Tillandsia Holm's Capricorn
caerulea x straminea, B.Holm. (or possibly a natural hybrid ex. Lieselotte/Lotte Hromadnik !)
From BCR ... "Mature, spidery, caulescent rosette to12 cm high and 15 cm in diameterr. Long, straight , rather stiff ,channeled foliage. The outer leaves are strongly recurved, nearly bent at the base. The inner leaves are erect and velvety, silvery-grey scaled. The long thin inflorescence (up to 30 cm) could be branched and has laxly, distichous arranged flowers each of which are dark blue with a white eye (1.5 cm). Reg. Doc. 7/2016 by Tanja Richter. Country of origin: Germany"
Bruce Dunstan 10/17 as caerulea x straminea Natural Hybrid
Pam Butler 09/10 as caerulea x straminea Natural Hybrid
Tanja Richter Registered as Holm's Capricorn
Bruce Dunstan ... "First flowering for me. I'm a sucker for T. straminea and also find T. caerulea to be very easy to grow in my conditions. This one was originally from Lotte Hromadnik via Peter Tristram. I look forward to flowering the other couple of forms of this combination I have in time."
Derek Butcher ... "Pam, why isn't it 'Holm's Capricorn'?"
Pam Butler ... "It came to me from Peter Tristram as a natural hybrid ex. Lotte Hromadnik."
Geoff Lawn ... "Maybe it's the German hybrid originally imported by Peter Tristram under parentage only. Later it was registered in 2016 as T. 'Holm's Capricorn' by Burkhard Holm's daughter Tanja Richter."
Chris Larson ... "This plant was imported from 2 sources. I questioned this with Peter just 2 days ago, who has a better memory than me. This also came and has been circulated under a different formula."
Derek Butcher ... "Yup, such are the problems of using formulas. if it were a natural hybrid from Lotte Hromadnik I would have liked LH3190 on the label somewhere. Man-made hybrids are inevitably species crossed species with no backcrossing. Regrettably with such plants found in the wild, not only do you not know mother but also what back-crossing has taken place."
Peter Tristram ... "I obtained a caerulea x straminea from Lotte Hromadnik which is a natural hybrid and the one Pam is blooming (I assume) from Franz Gruber. I doubt it came from Burkhard Holm as Franz Gruber had been propagating it for year but couldnít remember if it was collected in Peru or one of his creations. Lotteís plant is almost stemless and more closely scaled but the spikes on each look very similar. Iíll ask Franz... again."

Steve Molnar 11/20
Steve Molnar ... "This one is ex Chris Larson, it's not a big plant but quite a nice inflorescence and flower."
Peter Tristram ... "There are 2 plants with this natural parentage, this one from Lotte and a very caulescent one from the Grubers. The inflorescences are very very similar though the plants are quite different. Itís good to see them getting about and thriving. I donít know why Lotteís one isnít on Taxon (last time I looked), though I imported quite a few others from Germany that arenít there either."

Updated 01/03/21