Tillandsia Holm's Butter
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Tillandsia Holm's Butter
crocata x jucunda
From BCR ... "Mature small rosette to 10 cms. diameter. Short, stiff, channelled silvery leaves and a clumping growth habit. Arching or erect spike to 15cms long with brownish green peduncle bracts heavily overlaid with white trichomes and bright yellow flowers. Reg. Doc. 8/2015 by P Tristram. Country of origin: Germany."
Chris Larson 08/15
Peter Tristram 08/15

Chris Larson ... "Another that deserves a name. Huge flowers on this one – sorry about the flaring on the photos. Highly fragrant. T. jucunda X crocata."
Peter Tristram ... "I assume the naming is correct! I’ll call this one Holm’s Butter. Plant 10-15 cm in bloom with short, stiff, channelled, silvery leaves and a clumping habit. Large, yellow, fragrant flowers."
George Nieuwenhoven ... "This is a little beauty Peter, saw it last week in the flesh, a wonderfull addition to any collection even if one mainly goes for species."
Chris Larson ... "I couldn’t remember which way round the cross was (it went back to the house at work on Thursday) but I was pretty sure it was from 2012 which puts it as T. crocata X jucunda on my paperwork. Sorry if I said differently in the previous email. I’ll have to look again on Monday & check the tag. Did we import one from Mr Holm with the reverse cross?
Your plant itself looks very similar to mine, but the flower on mine looks much fuller – petals shorter & wider. I thought that I had taken other photos but can’t find them."

Ray Clark 08/17 as T. calignosa x crocata
* See also T. Rutchman’s Orange and caliginosa pages.
Ray Clark ... "T. calignosa x crocata, may be T. ’Holm’s Buttercup’ (sic.), as I say some reading first before I comment any further."
Chris Larson ... "I think the name on this came from one of the imports of the stuff that became T. Rutchman’s Orange and others. If you remember at the time some were saying that some forms were more crocata and some were more caliginosa. Then we also had the yellow caliginosa from Tim Tin, Bolivia. It was a mess – then the names came. I still see differences in the original imports.
I’ve just had this one flowering (with this tag) – seedlings from 2012, a selfing of one of the seedlings – a board full of 30 or 40. Everything is uniform – shape, size, caliginosa-ish base to the leaf, flower colour – not at all like the original imports where they were different.."

Updated 19/11/17