Tillandsia Holm's Azurite
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Tillandsia Holm's Azurite
bella x aeranthos
From BCR ... "Mature plant 12 cm high x 10 cm diameter. The growth habit resembles T. aeranthos, but the leaves are less densely arranged and more robust. The dark pink-bracted inflorescence on a slightly curved peduncle is globular and bears spirally arranged, big mauve flowers. The seed parent T. bella was originally quoted (in error) as T. polzii. This same cultivar has been grown in Australia (in error) as T. 'Holm's Belle'. Reg. Doc. 1/2016 by Tanja Richter. Country of origin: Germany"
Peter Tristram 11/10 as aeranthos x polzii
Peter Tristram 06/15 as polzii x aeranthos

Peter Tristram 07/17
Peter Tristram 08/19
Peter Tristram ... "A nice hybrid I obtained from Holm. A few were sold under formula as polzii or bella x aeranthos, then as Holm’s Belle, the name Burkhard Holm gave to me. But Burkhard forgot to tell his daughter, Tanja, who has now registered it as Holm’s Azurite."

Updated 25/08/19