Tillandsia Holm's Azurite
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Tillandsia Holm's Azurite
bella x aeranthos
From BCR ... "Mature plant 12 cm high x 10 cm diameter. The growth habit resembles T. aeranthos, but the leaves are less densely arranged and more robust. The dark pink-bracted inflorescence on a slightly curved peduncle is globular and bears spirally arranged, big mauve flowers. The seed parent T. bella was originally quoted (in error) as T. polzii. This same cultivar has been grown in Australia (in error) as T. 'Holm's Belle'. Reg. Doc. 1/2016 by Tanja Richter. Country of origin: Germany"
Peter Tristram 11/10 as aeranthos x polzii
Peter Tristram 06/15 as polzii x aeranthos
Peter Tristram 11/10 ... "T. aeranthos x polzii for comparison (see polzii page)... Here are a couple more of Holm’s hybrids (Deutschland). This aeranthos x polzii (unregistered)hybrid is new to my collection. Both are very attractive and a good addition to the growing pool of mongrels. Quite a few others are budding, with some pretty unusual parentages or part unknown. The cold nights are slowing things down though."
Peter Tristram ... "(polzii x aeranthos) I almost missed this one - last flowers. Burkhard has T. bella (which I purchased from him as polzii so it is actually likely to be bella x aeranthos. I don't remember seeing polzii. This makes sense given the size of the flowers and the deep greenness and general shape of the leaves. How about we name it T. Holm's Belle, or Holm's Schöne but the umlaut could be an issue! Scherne?"
Derek Butcher ... "Ian: We are still ironing out Holm's hybrids - see list below. The correct name is T. 'Azurite'* Such are the problems of using formulas and changing them AND crossing species with species that are very similar."
Ian Hook ... "This was listed on this BinA website as T. 'Azurite'*, based on Derek's premature comment above. References to T. 'Azurite' have now been removed."

Peter Tristram 06/15 ... "A nice hybrid I obtained from Holm. A few were sold under formula as polzii or bella x aeranthos, then as Holm’s Belle, the name Burkhard Holm gave to me. But Burkhard forgot to tell his daughter, Tanja, who has now registered it as Holm’s Azurite."

Peter Tristram 01/17 & 07/17 aeranthos x polzii unregistered hybrid.
Peter Tristram 08/19 Holm’s Azurite
Dale Dixon 08/20 Holm’s Azurite

Holm’s hybrids imported by Peter Tristram and supposedly surviving in Australia at August 2016 (not Registered) by Butcher with comments by Tanja Richter
albertiana x aeranthos different to ‘Mystic Air’. Now ‘Holm’s Alberanthos’
albertiana x argentina call it ‘Mystic Markus’
albertiana x ixioides only reverse survives in Germany ? different
albertiana x roseiflora to be registered “Holm’s Alberose’
albertiana x xiphioides call it ‘Mystic Trumpet’
araujei x aeranthos to be registered
bandensis x crocata call it ‘Gold Dust’
bulbosa x achyrostachys not surviving in Germany ? same as reverse ‘Holm’s Fireplace’
bulbosa x ionantha scaposa same as reverse therefore ‘Holm’s Firefly’
Ed. caput-medusa x flabellata now ‘Holm’s Darling’, was ‘Papa’s Leibling’ (German for same thing) in early imports.
caulescens x dura must be the reverse – therefore ‘Holm’s Durascens’
caulescens x vernicosa to be registered
crocata x aurea to be registered
crocata x dura not surviving in Germany
crocata x duratii (Ed. from PT - "Have imported 'Holm's Mother Load' a few times also with parentage order reversed. Also Barry Genn did a remake 'Nugget' using yellow crocata.")
crocata x humilis (Ed. On this site. From PT "imported in 2006, Or reverse parentage order. All died recently but maybe others have it. Imported as crocata x aurea, can't remember why name change.") (Ed. from UD "See 'Holm's Sunshine' on BCR ? The botanists consider that aureobrunnea is a synonym of humilis but many German horiculturists still hang on to aureobrunnea
crocata x mallemontii call it ‘Tawny Yellow’
cyanea x aeranthos x albertiana not surviving in Germany
diguettii x bulbosa to be registered
funckiana x andreana call it ‘Funky One’
(geminiflora x roseiflora) x sprengeliana not surviving in Germany
globosa x vernicosa not surviving in Germany
ixioides x albertiana now ‘Holm’s Alberix’
ixioides x meridionalis call it ‘White Star’
ixioides x stricta to be registered
polzii x aeranthos decided the polzii was really bella. Registered as ‘Holm’s Azurite’
reichenbachii x crocata origin unknown in Germany but cross remade, to be registered
streptocarpa ‘Alba’ x ‘Alba’ Really a selfing of a white petalled form of the sp. Suggest progeny will be closer to blue petals. Not worth registering unless something startling.
tenuifolia x stricta to be registered
(vernicosa x caulescens probably reverse see above) x globosa to be registered

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