Tillandsia Heather's Blush
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Tillandsia Heather's Blush
Reported to be a natural hybrid of brachycaulos x exserta
Ken Woods as brachycaulos x exserta 07/10
Steve Molnar 01/17
Vic Przetocki 04/19 'Heather's Blush'
Vic Przetocki 04/19 'Jes'
Tony Tucker ... "My un-discerning eye wouldn't be able to pick 'em apart. Another reminder why its vital to not loose the label."
Vic Przetocki ... "Hi Tony, you’re right, I better not lose the labels. At the moment Till. Jes is smaller but as this is the first time flowering for both of them I’ll have to wait and see how the offsets develop in size."
Chris Larson ... "The 2 hybrids are very close. I spoke to Kevin & Sam from Singapore who got them both from RFI on multiple occasions. They say the same – T. Heathers Blush is bigger, though sometimes on flowering it can get confusing. This is what Bob Hudson said as well. His T. Heathers Blush is much larger. In my imports of T. Jes, in 2006, there were a couple which were a distinctly different plant – much larger."
Wendy Perske ... "I find that T. Jes is consistently a smaller grower than Heather's Blush. I don't think I have had them flowering together but they do look similar. The difference would have to be the plant size."
Derek Butcher ... "I am intrigued how the 2 names are accepted in Singapore and wonder who was the actual hybridist. I think that they are not grex related but can't prove a thing.
In the 1990's Bill Timm was getting Tills from US nurseries under formula and as Registrar I kept pushing him for names that we could register. One such was 'Heather's Blush' which he got from Tropiflora. Did Tropiflora change their label or did they continue selling under formula?
'Jes' has its origins in Rainforest Flora.
And so we plough along seeking differences and similarities. Was the right mother recorded correctly?!!!!!!"
Chris Larson ... "From what I understand the Kevin & Sam import from a few nurseries in the US (Kevin’s nursery in Singapore was full of stuff under formula & many named)– and I had cause to talk to them about these 2 hybrids when I visited. They said to me that some of these 2 that they sourced in the US looked similar. When dealing with things like they do, they see numbers of a particular plant from different sources, and can have a different perspective – they are also dealing with live plants which is far more informative than photos. However they said, mostly, Heather's Blush was much larger than T. Jes – though very similar.
Certainly Bob Hudson’s 2 plants, both sourced in the US – T. Jes & T. Heather's Blush - are significantly different."

Updated 07/06/19