Tillandsia Goomong
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Tillandsia Goomong
Unregistered, waiting on a clear photo.
cv. of stricta X duratii, Patterson. See also reverse cross, T. Imbroglio.
Margaret Paterson 02/10.
W.Paterson, Adelaide Conference 04/09.

Ken Woods 02/10.
John Cornale, BSA 04/10. Photo T.Davis.

From Margaret Paterson: "For those who missed the Adelaide Conference here are a couple of photos of 'Goomong' to show how it should look when it is happily growing and flowering. It has been fertilized and watered regularly but not heavily. I have done the cross both ways with both duratii and stricta as seed parents and cannot tell the difference between the two hybrids and am calling both Goomong."

Updated 19/07/10