Tillandsia Fat Chance
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Tillandsia Fat Chance
Mature bulbous-based rosette to 4cms. wide x 15cms. high. Scurfed, stiff, grey-green recurving leaves. Inner foliage blushes light pink at blooming, with long partially-exserted violet flowers.
ionantha x seleriana? by Andrew Flower, NZ, 1994
Ray Clark 09/21
John Olsen 09/22 ex A.F.
Chris Larson 10/22
Chris Larson ... "A question - esp. to Andrew Flower - there is quite a bit of difference between these 2 forms of T. Fat Chance.
I'm not sure where John Olsen's is from. Mine is from Bob Hudson. John's appears to be more along the lines of T. Tina Parr, with which it shares their supposed parents.
Is this variations within the grex ? Cultural conditions ? Or just another form to collect ?"

Updated 21/11/22