Tillandsia Etna
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Tillandsia Etna
rothii x bradeana (formerly abdita). Pamela Koide Hyatt.
From BCR ... "Mature silvery-leaved, scurfed rosette with recurving leaves, to 30cms. diameter. At blooming, the inner grey-green leaves flush pink / red . Upright spike of pink scape bracts and mauve flowers. Named after the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna. Pollen parent T. bradeana was known as T. abdita when imported into Australia. Capitata Group. See also T. 'Marvelous Masterpiece'. Reg. Doc. 11/2012 by Bob Hudson. Country of origin: California USA"
Bob Hudson 01/15
Alan Phythian 11/17
Bob Hodson ... "Bird Rock Tropicals Hybrid. Has not coloured up as much as the last flower, (it's first). Maybe due to the extreme heat."
Alan Phythian ... "T. Etna has colored up even more since the rain."
Bob Hudson 11/20
Robert Reitano 10/21
Bob Hudson ... "My beautiful T. Etna is putting on a show again."
Pam Butler ... "Very nice Bob and well grown unlike mine which is mounted and done very poorly."
Bob Hudson ... "Mine is mounted and no fertilizer!!!!!"
Robert Reitano ... "Just thought I'd share my T. 'Etna' in full colour and flowering. I would like to know if they usually get larger than this and if mine has flowered too early? If so, is there any secrets to slow the flowering process down to allow for more growth other than temperature?"

Updated 11/11/21