Tillandsia Enano
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Tillandsia Enano
cv. of Tillandsia tectorum.
See "Detective Derek Notes" DD1005 for more details.

Photo by Ian Hook, BSA show 05/04 D.Hurst.
Photo by M.Romanowski.
Ian Hook, 10/05.
Derek Butcher 02/15
Rob Bower 03/18 as 'tectorum small'
Rob Bower ... "What do you make of this tectorum? Its small and blue flowers."
Pam Butler ... "It looks like a few I have bought as tectorum "Enano"."
Ray Clark 04/20
Ray Clark ... "The spike is about 85mm long and the flower itself is less than 8mm long."
Chris Larson ... "Hi Rob: I'm only speaking from the limited experience that I have.
I have a couple of T. tectorum Enano from Maurice Kellett - probably from 30 years ago. I also have some from Isley in the 2000s - I think we got 5???
They vary from 2"to 5" as a non-flowering plant at full size. Different clones. All of these have flower spikes similar to Ray's photos. None have branched inflos like yours, Rob.
As I said, I am only working on my exposure to what I think this cultivar is. What do others think?"

Updated 13/07/20