Tillandsia El Chapo
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Tillandsia El Chapo
chapeuensis x leonamiana ?, Pam Koide Hyatt, California, 1990's
From BCR "Mature rosette to 25cm. diameter x 15cm. high. Upward-curving, scurfed, silvery grey. narrow leaves. Arching spike of overlaping salmon pink bracts and beige flowers. The breeder advised (Sept. 2016) that the pollen parent is more likely T. recurvifolia var. subsecundifolia. Reg. Doc. 9/2016 by Geoff Lawn."
Chris Larson 09/16
Chris Larson ... "One from the Bird Rock stable that Iíve been growing for a few years T. chapeuensis X T. leonamiana is doing itsí stuff. Quite easy to grow. A nice hybrid Pam."
Pamela Koide Hyatt ... "Geoff, I will get you the details on El Chapo as well as additional photos. But, please note that it is probably T. meridionalis v. subsecundifolia, and not T. leonamiana. As you know many in the US have had this plant mislabeled."

Updated 27/01/17