Tillandsia Druid
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Tillandsia Druid
cv. of ionantha. Natural sport from the Veracruz, Mexico area.
Ken Woods 01/04
Ken Woods 11/07
Birgit Rhode, Auckland, at Bromeliads XIII 10/05.
Chris Larson 09/18 from Thai
Chris Larson 09/18 ... "The BCR gives very mixed messages about T. Druid. It talks about being a plant from Vera Cruz and being of a specific form. Then, lately, there has been alternative albino forms of ionantha (Derek has also acknowledged they are not likely to be the same), very unlikely to have origins in a similar environment due to the nature of their physical attributes, posted on the BCR. One is short, thick and stout the other is finer, longer leaved, and more likely to come from a wetter area. The Registrar has not advised me of any course of action or amended the photos on the BCR to adjust this. As I pointed out in my emails of a few months ago, I thought of calling the plant currently sold as Druid through Asia T. Thai White. Since I raised this issue, it has not been addressed, so Collectors Corner will be using the term T. ionantha Druid to apply to this plant in accordance with the photos on the BCR. Though I feel that the reference of the notes to the nature of Mexican T.Druid coming from Vera Cruz is no longer relevant to this cv, and should be removed from the BCR. This alternate form is also in mass production throughout Asia and then shipped all over the world."
Ian Cook 10/16

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