Tillandsia Derek
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Tillandsia Derek
bulbosa (Belize large clone) x ionantha by P.Koide Hyatt 1987
From BCR ... "Mature rosette to 20cms. diameter x 20cms. tall. Has darker violet flowers, a shorter inflorescence and less trichomes than T. 'Joel'. T. 'Derek' is larger than the reverse cross T. 'Luke'. Named after Adelaide, South Australian grower Derek Butcher. Cross remake in 1990 by Barry Genn (Queensland) produced progeny nearly identical to T. 'Derek' and so is identified as T. 'Derek'. Country of origin: California USA"
Pamela Koide Hyatt (Bird Rock Tropicals)
Jenny Brittain 11/17
Jenny Brittain ... "Hi Uncle Derek, I have a seed pod that formed on your namesake! Woohoo!"
Derek Butcher ... "Wow! Remember depending on sex it has the potential of being sons of Derek or daughters of Derek. Personally, I think they will be inferior!!!"

Updated 16/12/17