Tillandsia santiagoensis
was Tillandsia Chicitos

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Tillandsia Chicitos Weiss form. (now Tillandsia santiagoensis)
Peter Tristram 07/20 ... "The new Die Bromelie contains two new descriptions of importance to us.
Some years ago I obtained plants, in two forms, of a lovely little streptocarpa-like species, from Lotte Hromadnik in Austria - T. aff. streptocarpa grün and weiß. These translate to green and white, referring to the foliage.
The white form has been described, by Lotte, as T. santiagoensis (after the habitat - Serrania de Santiago) and the green form is T. santiagoensis f. adpressa. T. Chicitos Is registered but the correct name should now be used. I will be changing my labels!
There’s also another, from Mexico, described by Eric. Check T. Sesca in the BCR!"
....Cultivar or ssp. of streptocarpa.
....Previously called T. streptocarpa Sukk grun or Sukk weiss, or 'Succulent Silver'.
....Reg Doc 2/2012 by D. Butcher...
....This lovely little species (HR9183) was collected by the Hromadniks in 1982 at Santiago de Chicitos, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, about 800m. Plants have been imported to Australia on several occasions. Lieselotte sells them as T. streptocarpa Sukk grun or Sukk weiss (translated as succulent green or white) and intends some day to formally describe them under the ICBN rules. These sorts of names cannot be recorded under the ICNCP rules as being special forms or Cultivars. The best name to use is undoubtedly ‘Chicitos’. The white lepidote form as ‘Weiss’ form, and ‘Grun’ form for the greener less lepidote one. It is hoped that growers will use this name rather than plain T. streptocarpa which as we know comes in many guises."

Tillandsia santiagoensis

Peter Tristram 12/10. As streptocarpa (Weiss)
Bruce Dunstan 12/11. As streptocarpa White form.

T. santiagoensis f. adpressa
Bruce Dunstan 02/12. As streptocarpa Green (Grun) form.

Bruce Dunstan 17/12/11 ... "My streptocarpa Succulent Silver has just started to flower."
Derek Butcher ... "What a yuk name for such a beautiful plant that is different to the run-of-the-mill T. streptocarpa. I think it looks like what is on the DVD as T. streptocarpa LH5. The LH is for Lotte Hromradnik but I did not import it. Perhaps Chris Larson has some ideas because this plant should have a name used by us all. The place it was found could well be used."
Chris Larson ... "My records say it is the plant Derek imported may years ago (2006?) along with the green form – so is probably on the DVD – I can’t remember GPS data or locality data with this plant. I have imported it at other times.
What I can find in my records is that at least at one stage these were listed as:
T.aff. streptocarpa, sukk, grun, Bolivien - and - T.aff. streptocarpa, sukk, weis, Bolivien
I would consider that these are 2 distinct forms of the same sp/plant – different solely in colour of foliage from memory.
Is it possible that Lotte has a description or something in progress? The Europeans usually look into these things.
These plants struggle in Melbourne. A steady decline – rather than a plummet. However they flower well. I now have lost my green form & I’ve moved the silver into heat."
Derek Butcher ... "Have just sounded out Lotte as to her thoughts because Sukk weiss is just as bad as Succulent Silver."
Peter Tristram ... "The lovely little species (HR9183) was collected by the Hromadniks in 1982 at Santiago de Chicitos, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, about 800m. Lotte sells them as Chris said (no aff. on the list but aff. on the label) so I translated to succulent green and white. I will ask Lotte if she considers it sufficiently different to describe, otherwise we could call it Chicitos. It grows well at Repton liking the humid warm weather best and not too much watering. Once acclimatised it clumps very nicely and flowers yearly at least. A pic from a couple of yrs ago is attached. The whiter form is more vigorous than the less fluffy form (green...)."
(Ed.) As of 01/01/12, there has been no response from Lotte. This temporary listing will be re-located if or when it is registered.
Bruce Dunstan 29/02/12 ... "My green form flowered today."
02/03/12 - Registered by Derek Butcher (Reg Doc 2/2012) as T. Chicitos. Modified to Chicitos "Weiss" and "Grun" with Chris Larson and Bruce Dunstan.

Updated 21/07/20