Tillandsia from "Cerro Azul"
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Tillandsia from "Cerro Azul"
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Unknown parentage.

Bob Hudson 05/17, ex Larson
Ian Hook to discussion group ... "What is a T. "Cerro Azul" ?
John Olsen ... "I have a plant from Germany collected at Cerro Azul. It is said to be seleriana x streptophylla but pundits all see capitata traits."
Bob Hudson ... "It is a Tillandsia i obtained from Chris. Bruce Dunstan corrected me, apparently that is not its name, it comes from Cerro Azul??"
Bruce Dunstan ... "Cerro Azul translates to the Blue Mountain in spanish. As I told Bob there is one just outside of Panama City where the TV towers are and we found the attached Variegated Pitcairnia, now lovingly cultivated by Chester. Bob's plant would be of Mexican origin with that parentage. There are obviously blue mountains everywhere. Hopefully there will be a Cerro Azul in Ecuador."

Updated 21/06/17