Tillandsia Blue Moon
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Tillandsia Blue Moon
mallemontii x streptocarpa by Rolly Reilly, fragrant. Several sold by Neville Ryan by formula.
Strong sweet perfume.
From Derek Butcher 2007....
"They flower once in a blue moon!. I was going to call it 'Ryan's Daughter' but Nev complained!! UD."
Reply from Ian Hook 2012...
"Derek, it must be something about Adelaide. It bloomed easily for me in Sydney!"
Derek Butcher.
Ian Hook 11/08.
Ian Hook 11/08.
Ian Hook 01/12. Photo Anne Skates.
Ian Hook 01/12. Photo Anne Skates.
Ian Hook 01/12. Photo Anne Skates.
Ian Hook 01/12. Photo Ian Watson.
Ian Hook 01/12. Photo Ian Watson.
Jenny Brittain 03/16 as formula.
Pam Butler 02/20
Kerry McNicol 01/18
Ray Clark 01/18
Kerry McNicol ... "Finally !!! After 10 years. Have had spikes on it every year since I got it, but they never opened.
Have finally opened this year, but seem a bit darker than the Blue Moon on BCR. Not fragrant. Got it from Neville, with a small question mark."
Ray Clark ... "Kerry’s post reminded me to go and look, sure enough my ‘Blue Moon’ is also in flower. My tag details are ex UD, ex NR 2000 so probably from the plant that Derek referred to Ray."
Derek Butcher ... "Kerry: I think you would be fairly safe with 'Blue Moon'. Perhaps it flowers once in a blue moon. As for colour of petals we do not know what came in the seed batch. Mine from Neville in 2000 flowered pale but an offset of mine flowered with speckles as per Vic Przetocki."
Kerry McNicol ... "I’ve just been out in the shade house again, whether it be the humidity or stage of maturity of the plant it is now very fragrant, chokingly so! So that needs to be amended!"
Justin Lee ... "On the BCR have a look at 'Blue Heath'?"
Derek Butcher ... "Yes it is a contender but 'Blue Heath' is a stronger leaved plant. mallemonti genes would give it the weak leaves - I think."
Kerry McNicol ... "Hmmm….. Thanks Justin
Don’t think so. Neville said the cross was mallemonti x streptocarpa (on the tag) and he said it was Blue Moon more than likely.
It has longer curlier leaves & growth habit than Blue Heath. The flowers also ‘unfurl’ to open & curl at the tips slightly with a spot or two of white, similar to strepto flower, and with the fragrance. . . . ."
Ray Clark 01/21

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