Tillandsia Black Feather
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Tillandsia Black Feather
cv. of duratii var. saxatilius X latifolia (large form) hybridized by Neville Ryan, Qld.
Ian Hook 06/06, owned by Neville Ryan Qld.
Ian Hook 06/06, owned by Neville Ryan Qld.
Bruce Dunstan 04/21
John Olsen 09/21
Alfonso Trudu ... "It looks great John. Pity this hybrid never flowers."
Geoff Lawn ... "The BCR entry for T. 'Black Feather' says "mauve flowers", so some-one must have seen live petals at some stage in the last 20 years."
Dale Dixon ... "Mine has an inflorescence too. It has never developed any flowers. I was told it would. It's a novelty that's for sure. Maybe Neville did flower it? Alfonso?"
Neville Ryan ... "I have flowered many T. Black Feather over a number of years. I have never seen flowers of any colour on any of them. There is only one clone of T. Black Feather. I don't know who saw flower petals but I would like to see some photo of it in flower."
Bruce Dunstan ... "I can’t recall any flowers in the couple of times it has flowered for me."
Pam Butler ... "Mine currently has an inflorescence but no flowers. I have had many inflorescence and never seen a flower."

Updated 02/10/21