Tillandsia Barry's Gem
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Tillandsia Barry's Gem
T. kautskyi x T. geminiflora by Barry Genn 10/2011.
(Note: this hybrid is NOT related to T. 'Barry Genn')
Photo Peter Tristram 09/11.
Photo Peter Tristram 10/13.
Chris Larson 08/17 ex Holm
Chris Larson ... "Same cross as T. Barry’s Gem. But this one was done by Holm. It's a little different to Barry’s cross. Not sure if it takes the same name – and not sure what Tanya said."

Pam Butler 09/20 Two forms*
Bruce Dunstan 09/23
Pam Butler* ... "Two different clones of Barry's Gem.
Last year I wondered why my plants were paler than others but this year I have 2 different clones and they are quite different."

Updated 03/10/23