Tillandsia Auravale
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Tillandsia Auravale
Eureka x ixioides Margaret Patersons 1993
Note: Breeder originally registered this cross as 'Auravale'. The 3 different coloured petals from the grex have now been split.
From BCR... "Mature, narrow-leaved rosette to 20cm. diameter. Narrow,scurfed, silvery-grey leaves. Arching, salmon pink-bracted inflorescence with buff yellow flowers. Grex siblings = T. 'Auravale White'. 'Auravale Mauve'"
Ray Clark 07/17

Ray Clark ... "...thought that I would share a couple of images with you but before doing so I checked the BCR and was not convinced that the file images were true for the hybrid. So, I referred to Margaret & Bill Patersons second book, there are three differing forms of ‘Auravale’, mine being the yellow flowered form.
Does this mean that the cross is not stable? Two of the photos on the BCR may as well be T.’Eureka’ however when I look again at my plant the influence of ixioides is much more obvious including the leaf growth habit. Any thoughts anyone?"
Geoff Lawn ... "There's no instability there. It just means that at least 3 different-flowered clones of the grex were saved but only one cultivar name was allocated. I will ask the breeder what she wants to do about it."

Updated 26/09/17