Tillandsia Anwyl Eryk
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Tillandsia Anwyl Eryk
erubescens x sierrajuarezensis by Andrew Flower, NZ.
From BCR ... "Mature rosette to 30cm. diameter x 12cm. high. Arching, semi-channeled grey-green scurfed leaves. Horizontal, slightly branched spike to 25cm. long with shell pink recurving peduncle bracts, trichome-laden pink floral bracts and green flowers.
Breeder Refs: T. erubescens AB215 imported from John Scott 1993; T. sierrajuarezensis, ex Bird Rock Tropicals T215, imported 1996."
Andrew Flower 06/19 T. 'Anwyl Eryk'
Andrew Flower 2011 T. erubescens
Andrew Flower 2011 T. sierrajuarezensis
Andrew Flower ... "Flowering here for the first time, T. erubescens x T. sierrajuarezensis. Cross made in 2011, pics of the hybrid plus each of the parents photographed on the day I transferred the pollen. Its a medium-sized tillandsia, 30cm diameter and 30cm high including the inflorescence.
Background on Dad: In 1982 Sue Gardner made T. sierrajuarezensis a synonym of T. violacea. Not every one agrees! Not the Germans, who distinguish them and point out that T. sierrajuarezensis has a pendant inflorescence and T. violacea has an erect inflorescence. Die Bromeliae 2018(3) p. 146."
Peter Tristram ... "Nice one! Like a multibranched erubescens! Interesting that the flowers look pretty well like mum.
I remember importing plants as violacea and sierrajurazensis and they sure looked similar - all dead now though but at least they’d survive long enough to bloom. T. erubescens would come in as benthamiana but I can’t grow any of these higher altitude Mexicans these days - I leave them in Melbourne."

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