was Vriesea plurifolius
now Stigmatodon plurifolius

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Stigmatodon plurifolius
Peter Tristram 12/18
Peter Tristram ... "Although the recently created genus, Stigmatodon, was separated from Vriesea, they might as well be Tillandsia in many collectors eyes.
A very long time ago, Len Colgan went to Brazil and I quarantined a selection of plants that he brought back. One of these was Stig. brassicoides, which I posted a few years ago (see this web site) and this yearís treat is Stig. plurifolius, which I havenít bloomed for a long time.
It sure is an interesting species with the weirdest sheaths.
I have seen photos of it in habitat on facebook, growing on shaded cliffs from memory. Maybe someone saved the photos?"

Updated 08/04/19