Was Orthophytum albopictum
Now Sincoraea albopictum
(See DD02/17: for all new (DNA resolved) species & Cultivars.)

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Sincoraea albopictum
Species, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil.
Len Colgan, S.A. 11/08.
Len Colgan, S.A. 11/15.
Len Colgan 11/08 - "This the plant I mentioned a while ago, Orthophytum albopictum. Yes, I know it has some blemishes, but it is not easy to grow such a plant here in Adelaide. I keep it dry during winter and well-watered during summer, rightly or wrongly. I swapped it (and Dyckia lindevaldae) for some encholiriums with the Heidelberg Botanical Gardens two and a half years ago. Apparently their remaining plants are not doing so well, unfortunately."
Len Colgan 11/15 - "With the pollen so conspicuous, I did attempt to pollinate the parent on itself. I thought it produced little "seeds", but they were sterile.
I know there is a responsibility to try again, and so I probably will.
I grow it under the back verandah facing east. As such, it gets direct morning sun, but only gets watered when I think of it, much too infrequently. It has never been fed, and was not taken off the mother plant until fully mature. Actually, I removed the disintegrated mother plant without touching this one. All precautionary!
It seems much easier to grow than Orthophytum burle-marxii."

Updated 24/03/17