Racinaea pugiformis
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Racinaea pugiformis
Racinaea sinuosa var. quirozii (Gilmartin) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Sm. => Racinaea pugiformis
Tillandsia pugiformis L.B.Sm. => Racinaea pugiformis
Tillandsia sinuosa var. quirozii Gilmartin => Racinaea pugiformis

Rob Bower 05/17

Racinaea pugiformis (L.B.Smith) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Smith, Phytologia 74: 156. 1993.
BASIONYM: Tillandsia pugiformis L.B.Smith, Contr. Gray Herb. 89:13,24. 1930.
Desc from S&D
360. Tillandsia pugiformis L. B. Smith, Contr. Gray Herb. 89: 13,24, pl. l,figs. 4-7. 1930. Fig 328 C-E.
Plant short-caulescent, flowering to 12 dm high.
Leaves about 20, rosulate, 4 dm long, densely punctulate-lepidote throughout, slightly spotted with purple;
Sheaths large, brown;
Blades narrowly triangular, 25 mm wide, green-cinereous.
Scape erect, slender, twice as long as the leaves, glabrous;
nodes tinged with violet;
Scape-bracts narrowly elliptic, densely lepidote, the upper ones acute or apiculate, shorter than the internodes, the lower ones long-caudate, longer than the internodes.
Inflorescence laxly tripinnate, distichous, 4 dm long;
Axes scantly pale-lepidote;
Primary bracts narrowly lanceolate, scarcely 2 cm long, densely pale-lepidote;
Spikes very slender, 14 cm long, laxly 25¬flowered, distichous, often long-stipitate with sterile bracts at base.
Floral bracts distinctly nerved, ovate, acute, boat-shaped, scarcely or not at all keeled, lepidote, 4-5 mm long, equaling the sepals;
Flowers erect, appressed to the rhachis, 6 mm long, mostly equaling or shorter than the internodes.
Sepals obovate, lepidote, rounded-apiculate;
Petals yellow, barely longer than the sepals;
Stamens and pistil included.
Capsule cylindric, acute, 16-20 mm long.
Type. Hitchcock 21586 (holotype GH, isotype US), Ona to Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador , 9-10 Sep 1923.
DISTRIBUTION. Epiphytic and sometimes terrestrial, 1350-2700 m alt, southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Peru.
ECUADOR. AZUAY: Cuenca, 16 July 1939 Penland & Sum¬mers 1056 (GH); Vilcabamba to Cachiyacu, 6 Oct 1943, Steyermark 54388 (GH). Loja: km 100, Ona, Cuenca to Loja, 4 Dec 1948, Foster 2613 (US); Ona to Antonio de Cumbre, 20 Feb 1963,Gilmartin 843 (US); Rio Tanta, km 71 Loja to Cuenca, 12 Aug 1965, Gilmartin 1152 (US); Montana Cajanuma, Loja, Teuscher 2013-56 (US, cultivated, unusually large). PERU. PIURA, Ayabaca: Puente Tandopa (Rio Quiroz) to Ayabaca, 24 Sep 1964, Hutchison & Wright 6692 (UC). CAJAMARCA, Chota: Cumbil to Llama, 2
May 1965, Lopez & Sagastegui 5204 (TRP, US); San Juan: Fumagual, 12 Jun 1966, Sanchez 231 (US). LlBERTAD, Otuzco: Huaranchal, 6 Jun 1958, Lopez, Sagastegui & Suarez 2660 (TRP, US).

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