Racinaea fraseri
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Racinaea fraseri
* This species was originally classified as a Tillandsia.
Ms Karen Warne, Brisbane 11/09. "I bought this plant about 25 years ago from a local market and was told it was a Tillandsia*. It was about 10 or 15 years before the first flower, but has flowered yearly since. The stem of the flower ranges from 4 ft to 7 ft tall."
Chris Larson 11/16
George Nieuwenhoven 02/19
Peter Tristram 02/19
George Nieuwenhoven ... "I have been growing this Racinea fraserii since 2012. Although it grows steadily, albeit slowly, on repotting it no roots were present and they didnít rot off. It just never developed any, itís in small pine bark, thoughts anyone on what next, are they perhaps a true epiphyte , look forward to any ideas."
Justin Lee ... "I've seen others growing it both potted and mounted. Potted in chunks of styrafoam."
Peter Tristram ... "I have seen habitat photos of Rac. fraseri growing among grass, rocks, etc. and not as an epiphyte. Maybe those who have been to southern Ecuador might have a photo to share? I guess itís like a lot of those scrambling terrestrials in Tillandsia too, which are stoloniferous and caulescent and get few roots. Crock in a pot or whack in the garden under some shade or they do burn. Attached is a paddock of them, admired by Chris, Michael and I at Franz Gruberís place in 2014. This paddockís at 1700 m though."

Updated 18/05/19