Pitcairnia susannae
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Pitcairnia susannae

Bruce Dunstan 06/17

From a discussion about T. ramellae ......
Peter Tristram ... "This T. ramellae pic is for Bruce Dunstan before he disappears over the horizon into the soggy Heaven of NW Ecuador."
Len Colgan ... "This rare(?) T. ramellae species comes from the Chaco desert-like region in the north-west of Paraguay near the Bolivian border. I have a couple of large clumps from many years ago, but none have yet flowered.
When I visited Walter Till in the mid-1990s about the time the species was described, he was reluctant to reveal the precise location to me, probably concerned about over-collecting. However, I see that he did provide quite accurate coordinates in the description of T. ramellae, which comes from a restricted habitat.
Do you know about Walter's co-author in the description of this species? Susanne is Walter Till's wife. I believe there are only one or two tillandsias that they jointly described. I have always wondered if they might have been together in Paraguay at the time."
Bruce Dunstan ... "Attached is Pitcairnia susannae named for Susanne. We saw it in Western Colombia in Pluvial forests. It was described in Ecuador so we may see it in the coming weeks."

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