Pitcairnia Coral Horizon
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Pitcairnia Coral Horizon
rubronigriflora x corallina
I thought this to be rubronigriflora, only because (faded) label said "rhubarb".
On flowering found to be something else, (petal tips not black).
Flower like corallina but leaf stem deep red and leaf shape not as long/narrow/erect.
On searching the register, it appears to be a cross between these two.
Irvin said (fcbs), "Intermediate appearing hybrid w/floral character mostly like corallina - prolific coral toned inflorescences project out 90 degrees from robust green corn-like plants - flowers point upright along the top side of the scape - petals brick-red to maroon w/narrow white margins".
Ian Hook, Sydney 11/07.
Ian Hook, Sydney 09/08.

Ian Hook, Sydney 11/08.

Updated 07/11/08