Neoregelia oligantha
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Neoregelia oligantha
Species from Brazil.
Ian Hook 03/07 from estate of Gordon Ramsey
Ian Hook 01/12

Neoregelia oligantha L. B. Smith, Smithson. Misc. Collect. 126: 30, 153, fig. 62. 1955.
A N. cruenta (R. Graham) L. B. Smith, cui affinis, omnibus partibus minoribus, inflorescentia pauciflora, sepalis paulo asymmetricis differt.
Desc from S&D
Plant propagating by short ascending stolons.
Leaves few, 26 cm long, covered on both sides with pale coarse appressed scales but becoming glabrous above in extreme age;
Sheaths broadly elliptic, 10 cm long;
Blades ligulate, rounded and apiculate, 23 mm wide, laxly serrulate with strongly uncinate teeth about I mm long.
Scape very short.
Inflorescence few-flowered, about 2 cm in diameter;
Pedicels slender, 12 mm long.
Sepals slightly asymmetric, lanceolate, acute, 23 mm long, connate for 1.5 mm;
Ovary ellipsoid, 8 mm long.
Type. Foster 742 (holotype GH, isotype US), Ipatinga on the Rio Doce, Parque Nacional, Mun. Antonio Dias, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 26 Ju1 1940.
Distribution. Known from the type collection only.

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