Neoregelia chlorosticta
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Neoregelia chlorosticta
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Neoregelia chlorosticta (Baker) L. B. Smith, Phytologia 10: 486. 1964.
Karatas chlorosticta Baker, Handb. Bromel. 7. 1889.
Nidularium chlorosticta E. Morren ex Baker, Handb. Bromel. 7. 1889; nomen.
Billbergia chlorosticta hortus ex Baker, Handb. Bromel. 7. 1889; nomen.
Regelia chlorosticta (Baker) Lindman, Oefvers. Vet. Akad. Forhandl. 47: 543. 1890.
Aregelia chlorosticta (Baker) Mez, DC. Monogr. Phan. 9: 65. 1896.
Neoregelia sarmentosa (Regel) L. B. Smith var chlorosticta (Baker) L. B. Smith, Contr. Gray Herb. 104: 79.1934.
Neoregelia marmorata L. B. Smith, Contr. Gray Herb. 124: 10. 1939; Smithson. Misc. ColI. 126: 157. 1955; in part, as to material cited.
Neoregelia chlorosticta Fritz Encke, Pareys Blumengartnerei 1: 206. 1958; nomen, erroneously attributed to L. B. Smith.
Desc from S&D
Leaves 2-3 dm long, the inner ones vinaceous with large, pale green spots;
Sheaths nearly equaling the blades, ovate or elliptic, sparsely brown-lepidote, forming a more or less utriculate tank;
Blades linear, rounded, apiculate, 25 mm wide, laxly and minutely spinose-serrate, lepidote especially beneath, the outer concolorous.
Inflorescence simple, about equaling the leaf-sheaths, few-flowered, red-purple;
outer bracts ample, shorter than the sepals, hyaline.
Floral bracts spathulate, rounded to retuse, apiculate, much exceeding the pedicels but shorter than the sepals, hyaline;
Pedicels very slender, to 10 mm long.
Sepals 12-18 mm long, connate 2-7 mm, the blades strongly asymmetric, elliptic, obtuse or minutely apiculate;
Petal-blades elliptic, acute, 10-15 mm long, blue-violet;
Stamens exserted above the corolla-throat;
Ovary ellipsoid, constricted at apex.
Type. Morren icon and Kew Hortus s n (holotype, K), cultivated from Brazil.
Distribution. Epiphytic in forest, from near sea level to 1200 m alt, Rio de Janeiro to Parana, Brazil.

BRAZIL. Rio de Janeiro: Itatiaia, Dusen s n (S); 21 Oct 1903, 2196 (S); 1 Jul 1939; Foster 129 (GH); Teresopolis, 22 Aug 1940, Foster 1012 (GH). Sao Paulo: Sao Paulo, 31 Jan 1934, Ostermeyer s n (SP); Ouapiara, 25 Aug 1939, M. Kuhlmann s n (SP, US); Registro, 1962, L. Seidel 271 (HBR). Parana: Caioba, 1 Sep 1939, Foster 449 (GH, US); Paranagua to Curitiba, 11 Nov 1953, Reitz 5818 (HBR, US).

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