Neoregelia Wurthmann's Midnight
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Neoregelia Wurthmann's Midnight
BCR ... "cv. of unknown parentage - Tropiflora said, 'The darkest of all Neoregelia hybrids - compact to only 12" w/deep burgundy nearly black leaves w/some light green speckling Originally in Register as 'Midnight' but name amended to differentiate from the other 'Midnight'."
by E. Wurthmann <1996
Plant below sold as 'Voodoo' from an old collection.
There were two plants registered with the name Voodoo, one by Elmore the other by Wurthmann. It appears the one grown in Australia was the Wurthmann hybrid. The Enmore hybrid looks superficially like a spotted Neo. carolinae according to Derek Butcher.
The darker leaved Wurthmann hybrid was un-officially re-named "Midnight" and was later registered as such.
Unfortunately there already existed a hybrid by Grace Goode named "Midnight", so later changed to 'Wurthmann's Midnight'.
The plant below is believed to be 'Wurthmann's Midnight' ex 'Midnight'"(Wurthmann) ex. 'Voodoo'.
Ian Hook 11/07
Ian Hook 09/22 (camera has accentuated underlying green. Normally appears almost black.)

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