Neoregelia Tricky Dicky
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Neoregelia Tricky Dicky
Registration pending.
Red sport of Midnight(ex-Voodoo)*, by R.Smythe.
Sport removed 2007 & proven stable.
Robert Smythe, 21/10/08 & 11/11/09. 40x15cm.

* from "Uncle Derek says" on fcbs :
There were originally two Neo. named 'Voodoo' in circulation (Elmore & Wurthmann).
The Wurthman 'Voodoo' was apparently re-named 'Midnight' without registering the name, and there are now two names in circulation for this one plant !
Meenwhile, unfortunately, a quite different Australian hybrid was properly registered as 'Midnight'!
Fortunately 'Midnight' (Goode) is quite different to 'Midnight' (ex- Voodoo) (Wurthman).
Please everyone - if you have a worthwhile, stable, unique hybrid, or cultivar, or sport - register it before releasing it.

Updated 28/01/10