Neoregelia Rosea Striata
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Neoregelia Rosea Striata
Cultivar of farinosa, Seidel(DeLeon).
Described in the BSI register as "dusty pink centre AND red lines on leaves".
Previously linked as a variety of carolinea, but reference to carolinea or farinosa is best avoided.
Another plant often sold as "Rosea Striata" may in fact be Neoregelia "Red Lines", it's centre is not such a "dusty pink" colour.
See fcbs reference photos and "Uncle Derek Says" article.
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/03, bought at BSA Autumn Show'03.
Ian Hook, Sydney 01/04.
Ian Hook, Sydney 01/04.
Ken Woods.
Ian Hook, Sydney 12/07.

Updated 20/12/07