Neoregelia Red Waif
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Neoregelia Red Waif
Zebrina x Fireball.
It is probable that Red Waif, Cayenne, Little Waif and ampullacea X Fireball are all closely related, if not the same Hybrid.
They may also be sold as ampullacea ‘Red Form’ (Perth) or "Red Wave" (Qld).
See Detective Derek 12/06b for more details.

Red Waif, as Little Waif. Photo Geoff Lawn.
Red Waif. Photo Upton.
Red Waif. Photo Vic Przetocki.
Neoregelia ampullacea x Fireball. Photo Geoff Lawn.
Red Waif sold as Red Wave, Qld. Photo Ian Hook.
From Olive Trevor, 1997.
From Grace Goode.

Ian Hook, 10/09.

Updated 30/10/09