Neoregelia Red Waif
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Neoregelia Red Waif
Zebrina x Fireball.
It is probable that Red Waif, Cayenne, Little Waif and ampullacea X Fireball are all closely related, if not the same Hybrid.
They may also be sold as ampullacea ‘Red Form’ (Perth) or "Red Wave" (Qld).
See Detective Derek 12/06b for more details.

Red Waif, as Little Waif. Photo Geoff Lawn.
Red Waif. Photo Upton.
Red Waif. Photo Vic Przetocki.
Red Waif sold as Red Wave, Qld. Photo Ian Hook.
Neoregelia ampullacea x Fireball. Photo Geoff Lawn.
From Olive Trevor, 1997.
From Grace Goode.

Ian Hook, 10/09.

Updated 30/10/09