Neoregelia Little Black
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Neoregelia Little Black
BCR ... "Mature small open rosette to 15cm diameter x 10cm high. Like an almost black 'Fireball', sometimes with green edges and some green speckling to the leaves Glossy, sepia red/plum foliage and 10cm long stolons. Imported to Australia by Geoff Lawn in 1984 from Rainforest Flora, Los Angeles, as a formula with a note "Gary Hendrix cross". Cultivar named In Australia by D. Butcher in 2000. Country of origin: Florida U.S.A.
(Fireball x pauciflora) x Morris Henry Hobbs
Ian Hook 06/23
Ian Hook ... "Also in Sydney collections as 'Morris Henry Hobbs x Fireball'(label mistake?), 'Golden Gleam'(similar yellow edges from sarmentosa? and Bill Morris conection?) and as 'Gleam'(obviously not)."

Updated 11/06/23