Neoregelia Gold Medal
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Neoregelia Gold Medal
cv. tristis x ?, Williams.K. (Bullis).
Variegated sport of 'First Prize'.
'First Prize' (from BSI cultivar registry) ... "- Kendall said, "Small and brightly spotted" - 1" wide leaves in an upright medium stacked rosette of 30+ leaves covered by a reddish glaze throughout - new growth heavily spotted in lime green - red center and tips - similar to 'Sharlock' and 'Inca'. The variegated form (now called Gold Medal) came to Tropiflora FL, from Raphael DeFaria in Rio de Janeiro, who allegedly got it as a sport from Rolf Zornig, Altria Labs, in Campinas, SP, Brazil."
'Gold Medal' - (from BSI cultivar registry) ... "Mature open rosette to 50cm. diameter. In strong light, bronze green leaves centrally striped coral pink with light green spotting. Variegated sport (tissue culture?) of N. 'First Prize' <2000, reputedly from Rolf Zornig, Altria Labs, Campinas, Brazil. Released through Rafael deFaria, Rio de Janeiro and Tropiflora Nursery, Florida. Tricolor Group.Reg. Doc. 6/2009 by Peter Waters. Country of origin: Brazil ?"
Carolyn Bunnell, BSNSW show 05/12 as N. 'First Prize'. Photo Terry Davis.
Roger Weatherstone 12/21

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