Neoregelia Fire Bird
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Neoregelia Fire Bird ?
cv. of chlorosticta X farinosa, G.Goode.
(Other cv. = 'Spotted Fire Bird') - Goode says, "Upstanding - deep red - small- farinaceous leaves" - large white purple tipped flowers.
(NOTE: Name changed from 'Firebird' to 'Fire Bird' to avoid duplication w/earlier cultivar name).

*Note: there is also a registered 'Firebird' (one word), looking much more like a 'Fireball'.
cv. of olens 'Marie' X 'Fireball' by D.Bryant.
Bryant says, "Dwarfed plant with uniform shiny red foliage - some mottling - red in center when blooming".

Ian Hook, Sydney 11/09. I have some doubt over this label. The plant is about 50cm diam. and if correct needs a LOT more light. Petal colour fades from centre very quickly, leaving it mauve with darker tips.

Updated 08/11/09