Neoregelia Ferris's Sunset
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Neoregelia Ferris's Sunset
carolinae x chlorosticta hybrid by Olwen Ferris (originally listed as "Sunset, by Hummel")
from BCR ... German-bred, seed-raised in Australia by Olwen Ferris. - (See 'Beefsteak' for listing of other cultivars) - Butcher says, "Red leaves w/small green spots". Originally in Register as 'Sunset' but name amended to differentiate from the other Sunset'.
Geoff Lawn ... "There are now 30 Neoregelias in the BCR with the word "Sunset" as part of the cultivar name, so you can see the need for separation. I used to grow it myself--Olwen Ferris's catalogue listed it as no. 57 from Dr. Oeser. It's also in the BCR online catalogue under AUS listings--Ferris (1979-80) under Neo carolinae x chlorosticta, together with other grex siblings. I see attribute it to Dr. Oeser in Germany and although he supplied the seed to Olwen, there was some doubt whether he actually bred the cross, hence 'Ferris's Sunset'."
Ian Hook, Sydney 03/07
Geoff Lawn

Updated 21/11/18