Neomea Shooting Star
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Neomea Shooting Star
Intergeneric Neoregelia johannis x Aechmea recurvata v. benrathii
Hybridizer: Dennis Bryant.
Ian Hook Sydney 08/07, from The Olive Branch as Ae. recurvata x N. Fireball.

Neomea Fireball X recurvata
Intergeneric Neoregelia Fireball x Aechmea recurvata
NOTE: This label appears to be in error. A second (identical) plant from same source a few years later was labelled Neomea Shooting Star, which seems to agree with fcbs.
Ian Hook 10/05, from The Olive Branch.
Ian Hook Sydney 10/08.
From Geoff Lawn:
Olive got her X Neomea 'Shooting Star' from me, which is largish to 60---70 cms. diameter if fed--mine are half this size. My photo on I took in 1986 at Bullis Nursery (Florida) from where I brought back only 1 of maybe 12 similar clones. The quoted parentage is known to be doubtful because the true Neo. johannis was poorly known back then--probably N. coriacea or a hybrid thereof was the pollen parent, the red-leaf form of which became 'Broadleaf Rubra'.
I would say your X Neomea 'Shooting Star' is correctly named and with more heat and light over Summer, watch the foliage change to purple on both the upper and lower leaf blades--it does here at least, under 70% beige shadecloth in a hanging basket. 'Shooting Star' has links with 'Peter Kearney' and 'Dennis' , possibly all 3 of which are by the elusive Florida breeder Dennis Bryant.
Neomea Shooting Star
Photos & plant from Geoff Lawn.
In shade.
In sun.

Updated 22/11/08